Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Utah, you can be both Gentile and Jew.

Story: Holocaust survivors are tired of being polite about Mormons baptizing dead Jews.
(courtesy: the author of Four Year Plan, via Facebook.)

Full disclosure: I was a Mormon when I was a child, between about 9 and 17. I participated in the rite of proxy baptism when I was about 13. Fortunately from the perspective of this article, all 15 of my proxies were named José, so I'm reasonably sure they were not Holocaust victims. In retrospect, I am not terribly sure that none of those I was baptised for really wanted to become Mormons, nor do I think they were even jazzed up about being given the name for Jesus' father, when they already had a perfectly good Mesoamerican name for themselves.

Obviously, I have recovered from this altogether obnoxious sect, and moved on to something even more obnoxious: Episcopalianism. Of course, the set that finds Episcopalianism obnoxious is somewhat, but not completely, distinct from those who find Mormonism obnoxious. Those poor self-proclaimed orthodox Protestants must really have it rough, being annoyed by nearly everyone, including other self-proclaimed orthodox Protestants.

But while I find the third group is obnoxious as well, there's very little outside of Christian Reconstructionism that approaches proxy baptism in unmitigated tackiness. I may hold forth at length about it when I have more time.

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