Monday, November 2, 2009

Approve Referendum 71, or you suck.

Tomorrow the election is over. I just want to make one final statement on this issue for this cycle.

The people who put R-71 on the ballot to begin with are wrong. The people who want you to reject it are wrong. Their arguments are specious, their fears are misplaced and irrelevant, and yes, they are bad people.

That is a simple fact. I'm tired of being nice about this. People have the right to band together for survival. They do not have to do this in a way conforming to the desire of religious fundamentalists. Yes, fundamentalists. Being polite and conciliatory to our opponents gets us nowhere. It's time for us to stop fucking around and call them out for what they are.

R-71 hurts no one. The fiscal nightmare cited by the “reject” camp is utterly specious. In ten years this so-called impact might add up to 20 million. This is a drop in the bucket in the state budget. In fact, balloting on this goddamned initiative will likely cost the state more money than the first year's implementation of SB 8053. I mean, seriously, people.

R-71 does not undermine marriage. People who want traditional marriages will still be able to have them. They will not lose any benefits. They won't even have to share the term for their relationship pattern with anyone else.

I mean, seriously, the arguments for rejecting R-71 are so thin they deserve nothing but contempt and little serious consideration for rebuttal. Frankly, it comes down to one issue: If you hate gay people or anyone else who wants to take responsibility for their chosen families, go ahead and reject it. But we're going to call you out for what you are. I'm tired of “reasonable people will disagree.” All that type of thinking does is get us punched in the nose.

One more time: If you reject this measure, you are a small, jealous, evil person.

Everyone else? Well, vote to approve it already, and get that ballot in the mail!

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