Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fuck it.

Yes, indeed: fuck it.

The election of Scott Brown shows us only one thing--the American people are self-destructive. They do not want hope. They do not want change. They want to watch America go down in flames and then fight each other for the scraps.

Well, fine. If you can't beat them, join them.

The Democrats, led by Barack Obama and Howard Dean, are certainly not up to the task in reversing the disastrous course this nation is on. We needed to see, immediately, the following occur to have any hope of saving our cushy American existence:

1. Massive investment in research and development of non-carbon sources of energy, and most especially, energy storage. Have we seen any progress? No. Will we see any? No. Progress: Zero. Long term prognosis: Hopeless.

2. Sweeping reforms in access to healthcare and reprioritizing treatment and diagnostics to seek patient wellbeing rather than choosing what stuffs the health care industry's pocket? Progress: Zero. Long term prognosis: Hopeless.

3. Massive incentives away from people joining the parasitic MBA class and more towards learning how to create things of actual value--art, new technology, new scientific breakthroughs, and so forth. Progress: Zero. Long term prognosis: Hopeless.

4. Any sort of creative idea to prevent the utter destruction of the middle class. Progress: It's getting worse. Long term prognosis: Hopeless

To be honest, I didn't have much hope in Obama's election actually changing anything, but I went along, thinking that if we had any hope at all we had to elect him. Well, we've elected him, and absolutely nothing has changed. We're sort of limping along, but limping along isn't good enough.

We face very serious crises in climate, energy, food production, health, and economic sustainability within the next generation unless serious action is taken now. And the Democrats are unable to muster the sheer force of will and personality to get these things done. Obama is a fucking joke--a half-wit who can't do shit unless he's in front of a teleprompter. He is even less impressive than John F. Kennedy, a man who was so ill he would qualify for Social Security Disability if the 1960 version of him were alive today. That's an amazing accomplishment for a man who we placed so much hope in.

Seriously, fuck it. Let's just burn the whole thing down. The best way to fan the flames is to vote Republican. I think I'm going to start voting Republican in every election, just to accelerate the collapse. We might as well get it over with.

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