Saturday, March 27, 2010

Five reasons why it is awesome that Steve Jobs told Adobe to suck his balls.

Five reasons why it is great the iPhone OS (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad) doesn't support Flash:

(1) Flash is evil and needs to die right now. It is a massive security hole and is not accessible. Moving away from Flash will probably get rid of half the viruses out there. It was the worst proprietary adoption since the <BLINK> tag.

(2) The most obnoxious ads use Flash. No Flash support = no obnoxious ads. Ever. Until they port them to HTML5, anyway.

(3) I couldn't care less about stupid Facebook games.

(4) Media companies are already trying to support HTML 5 video, which works seamlessly on the next version of the iPhone OS.

(5) The ONLY things that ever crash on my Mac are Flash and Microsoft Entourage--and Flash crashing on the iPhone OS would probably crash the whole device.

Yeah, sure, Steve Jobs is a dick. But he's a dick that runs a company that makes good stuff. If you have to put up with a dick, make sure he's at least good at what he does. Adobe, on the other hand, is evil and their stuff is awful. Fortunately, Flash is a walking corpse.