Saturday, September 12, 2009

ED: i. Obama's speech to the kids.

The first of probably zillions of installments in the series: "Elephantine Douchbaggery". The purpose of this series is to point out the most obnoxious lies of Republicans and their allies.

Factcheck: Obama's speech to schools.

Two big whoppers being spread around by nearly everyone on hate radio:

1. The President wanting to make a special speech to schoolchildren is a novel, outrageous idea.

2. In reaction to the outrage on the first point, Obama altered his speech to be less overtly political.

Sorry, Republican douchebags. The avatar of your True God, Ronald Reagan, gave such a speech in 1988. Not only that, it was intensely more partisan and political than Obama's speech (or, to his credit, the first George Bush's similar speech).

And, no, Obama doesn't adapt ANYTHING to your criticisms, because you are totally irrelevant. At times, I am not sure he fully realizes this. But I do. I am not sure he fulI'm not even sure why I bother to start blogging about your irrelevant nonsense, except that it amuses me in some way.

Oh, I remember now: Because your lies sometimes confuse people who desperately want to do what is right but are too afraid to embrace certain ideas. For example, realizing that being afraid of a man talking to their kids because he happens to be black. Although they seem to be willing to allow it if he is, say, an obnoxious evangelical minister. (And if Ken Hutcherson is talking to your kids, you SHOULD be concerned.)

Like I said, confused.

Hat tip: Cheryl

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