Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yankee pwnination.

Friday, I was in downtown Seattle running errands, and because I no longer like driving my beat up piece-of-crap car, I was using transit as much as possible. I was boarding Central Link to head back to the South End. It was a sunny day, so I was wearing my Mariners cap to avoid sunburn.

I boarded the train at Westlake, the northern terminus, and walked by a guy in a Yankees T-shirt who sorta stared at me and nodded and said "good luck, buddy." Not realize he was actually trying to be a dick, I smiled back and said, "Yeah, and also to you. Must be nice to back a winning team, right?" The Yankees were apparently in town last weekend, and we have a few Yankees fans in town (I grew up as one), so I thought he was being friendly.

No, he was just being a prick and frankly admitted that he was just trying to get a rise from me. I attempted to engage him in friendly conversation anyway, since I was bored. He said dismissive things about how much the Mariners suck, and I was saying things like, "Oh, sure, we're disappointed that they were not good enough to make the playoffs, but you have to admit a team that has a winning record is much better than a team that lost 100 games." And, "Jeez, we were thinking 88 wins was going to be enough to take the division, and who the hell expected the Angels to be this good?" And stuff like that.

He was so irritated with my friendly ground-standing that he jumped off the train at University Street, one stop from Westlake. AWESOME.

And EVEN MORE AWESOME: The Mariners went on to take two out of three from the Yankees, the team with the best record in baseball.

SWEET. Take that, you Yankee prick!

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