Saturday, September 5, 2009

WTFF i-iii: coming up.

Busy weekend for me (including yesterday), but when I get a moment I will post the first two articles in the "What The Fucking Fuck?!" series:

1. Finger-chomping health-care protester heckler dude.

2. Earth Liberation Front toppling a radio...broadcast...tower in...Snohomish County?

3. The latest offering from the local Tornado of Fail, also known as Tim Eyman, courtesy of Goldy. (Goldy calls his blog "" and was temporarily infamous for his attempt to introduce a ballot initiative declaring Tim Eyman to be a "horse's ass". He's not at all wrong, incidentally, about that or much of anything else he posts on.)

Oh, wait, that's three. Well, I told you it was called "What the Fucking Fuck?!"

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