Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ED. iv. The HORROR of kids getting involved to bring...the Olympics...to...America...wait.

Part four in a series called "Elephantine Douchebaggery", and the second of such posts showing that although the term "douchebag" is almost never applied to women (as many people seem to prefer even more degrading and dehumanizing terms in such cases, and I'll let you guess [it starts with a "c"]), this does not mean women in the service of the most obnoxious forms of conservatism cannot engage in douchebaggery.

Michelle Malkin: Obamas using schoolkids as junior lobbyists for Olympics

Warning: The Michelle Malkin site is NSFAWASOD (Not Safe For Anyone With a Shred of Dignity).

But could any of you lacking in said dignity take a peek and take a guess at just what the hell the good Ms. Malkin is trying to do here? Because I can't figure it out. Honestly, I can't. But I'm sure douchebaggery is involved, because it's Michelle Fucking Malkin.

(Elephantine Douchebaggery is really just a subset of "What the Fucking Fuck?!")

EDIT: Malkin's priorities are pretty clearly evident in the post "Once in 70 Days".

Let's review:

1. Bringing a century-old symbol of international harmony (the Olympics) into the United States is corrupt because it happens to benefit the President's hometown (Chicago).

2. This is even worse because Obama is spending all of his time to bring us the Olympics instead of working with the Managers of the Global Beatdown Machine (my term for "military commanders.")

Yes, you are pretty goddamn awesome, Michelle. In much the same way that Josef Stalin was awesome.

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