Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Note from the editor: What the hell, Charles?

You might've noticed I made four posts today (five counting this one). Do I have some form of mania? Possibly. But actually, I've had these piling up in my brain since about last Thursday and only today could find the time to write.

This sort of time crunch is what caused me to stop blogging to begin with, among other things, which was a shame. To combat this problem, I now carry a Molskine notebook at all times along with my other effects, which are also now arranged neatly in a "murse" (or "mursenger bag", if you will). So, when I get the urge to rant about something, I jot down some notes to help me remember what I was thinking at the time I got so outraged.

My memory is suspect, but it's also very associative, so I can recall what it was I wanted to do in this way. It is very effective--I suggest all budding bloggers adopt the practice. You COULD try thumbing it out on your cell phone to 40404 to remind you and the world you were about to blog about something, but in my view nothing beats good old fashioned pen and paper for jotting down a few notes.

Because I'm trying to recover my daily routine and, among other things, find a job, I suspect this blog will generally operate in bursts like this. It is bad, because the best way to get a solid readership is to post constantly. But, being able to post like this is better than nothing.

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April said...

I think the photos should be posted, that people should see the brutality, the violence. When we are sheltered from it we fail to understand or comprehend the damage of war. If more people saw the blood and guts, would they be supporting it? If more people saw that their neighbor who just got shipped out has his intestines hanging out of his body, would they think twice about supporting violence?

We allow violence in the media all the time, why is it that we shield ourselves so much from the reality of war?