Thursday, September 3, 2009

Self critiques: i. The use of foul language.

I think you might've noticed that I use a lot of foul language in this blog. Sometimes foul language indicates a lack of thought. Sometimes it means you don't have a very good vocabulary (as the cliche goes). And sometimes it's a way to make something hurt worse.

Maybe with me it's more of the latter. I use it mostly for intensity. So that you understand in no uncertain terms how frustrated I am. However, it betrays my anger, so maybe it means I'm not thinking about things as carefully as I should.

Am I going to change this? Not a chance. While I'd like this blog to be as accessible as possible, I'd rather be able to express myself freely. To those who find my use of foul language difficult to take, I suggest the following:

1. Lighten up. Seriously. A lot of times, the word "fuck" is funny. Go ahead. Giggle. Sometimes it's good for you.

2. If you're worried about your kids, I'll clearly label posts that are not safe for kids. Otherwise, there's nothing in these posts that kids shouldn't read, even if they have foul language. If your kids have enough cognitive development to understand what I am writing in this blog, they already know these words anyway. And many of them use these words when you're not looking. TRUST ME.

3. I'll make sure the people at which I direct this language deserve it.

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