Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well, despite being a Democrat, Greg Nickels is a douchebag, too.

Sabra Gertsch @ KOMO: Upset homeless set up camp outside Nickels' home

Argue about the homeless all you want--seriously, if you are behind the policy of making it difficult for them to get to shelters, you are a douchebag. No, you are fucking douchebag. No, you are a fucking waste of air.

How hard is it for Nickels to pick up the goddamn phone and ask Metro to give these guys $50k worth of bus tickets? Account for it any way you have to. I mean, the King County government is so full of corruption and graft as it is, who the hell is going to notice $50k missing for humanitarian purposes?

Yeah, yeah, I know, what seems obvious and humane to me seems outrageous and career-threatening to you and other pseudo-liberals like Adam Smith. Well...oh...yeah...you just got voted out of office because you're an idiot when it comes to campaign strategy. Well, never mind, then.

This is also why I'm sad that the Very Rev. Robert Taylor (former dean at St. Mark's Cathedral and a local mega-advocate for the homeless) screwed up the Cathedral and lost the basis for his ability to be a useful activist. Robert was the kind of guy who could've picked up the phone and made a couple of calls and taken care of this, and you wouldn't have to bother with politicians who couldn't care less, because Robert had them all in his pocket. I mean, seriously, despite the horrid mistake he made by firing two of the clergy on Holy Week without asking too many people about it, losing him is a greater loss than most people can imagine.

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