Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WTFF: iv. v. vi. Give me trains or give me death, Obama is Hitler, and I <3 Goldy

Parts four, five, and six in a series titled "What the fucking fuck?!"

Not much on my mind lately, but I did pile up some things from last week, so let's clear the backlog:

iv. Back to the "million mullet march" or whatever it was on the 12th, there were apparently lots of people a little upset that the trains were running behind:

WSJ blog: Tea Party Protesters Protest D.C. Metro Service

OK, seriously, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? You are going to a protest that is fundamentally ANTI-GOVERNMENT in nature, and you are complaining that the GOVERNMENT-RUN trains are not getting to your protest on time.

Um. Uh. Argh. What?

v. Lots of people are trying to say that Obama is a communist, socialist, fascist, and Nazi at the same time. Someone pointed out that especially with this last, you manage to be an antisemite and racist at the same time, good job.

Seattle Times: Hitler poster provokes Edmonds incident

So, anyway, there's this dude named Henry Gasparian who survived the Holocaust and saw some "Obama = Hitler" signs (a pretty disturbingly stupid idea in its own right), freaked out a little that Hitler was being invoked so casually, and started beating the faces against some of the LaRouche douchebags handing out the flyers. OK, maybe he didn't beat face, but it wouldn't bother me if he did. Read the story for more.

(Hat tip: Cheryl)

vi. I <3 Goldy. Just read this. Seriously.

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